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GRACO are supplies a wide range of products for Coating, Finishing, Painting, Lubrication, Process, Sealant and Adhesives


GRACOare supplies wide range of pumps as following name Husky Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump, Glutton 4:1, Husky 716, Dura-Flo and Xtreme, Husky 515, Husky 1040, Falcon 10:1 and Falcon 20:1, High-Flo 4 & High-Flo Plus, Monark 1.5:1, 2:1, President 3:1, 4:1, Orion, Senator 13:1,17:1 & 25:1, Ball Piston Pumps, GRACO Pumps Accessories.

Husky Air operated double diaphragm Pumps

Husky Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps are for unloading above or below ground tanks of any size. They are available in wide range of materials of construction in size including 1/4 in, 3/8 in, 1/2 in, 3/4 in, 1 in, 1-1/2 in, 2 in and 3 in.

Model Overview
Model HUSKY 205 HUSKY 307 HUSKY 515 HUSKY 716
Connection Size 1/4 in (6.3 mm) 3/8 in (9.4 mm) 1/2 in (12.7 mm) or
3/4 in (19.1 mm)
3/4 in (19.1 mm)
Maximum Flow Rate 5 gpm
(19 lpm)
7 gpm
(26 lpm)
15 gpm
(57 lpm)
16 gpm
(61 lpm)
Materials of Construction Available Polypropylene,
Kynar (PVDF), 
Kynar (PVDF),
316 Stainless Steel
  Graco Husky 205 Graco Husky 307 Graco Husky 515 Graco Husky 716
Model HUSKY 1040 HUSKY 1590 HUSKY 2150 HUSKY 3275
Connection Size 1 in (25.4 mm) 1-1/2 in (38.1 mm) 2 in (50.8 mm) 3 in (76.2 mm)
Maximum Flow Rate 40 gpm
(151 lpm)
100 gpm
(379 lpm)
150 gpm
(568 lpm)
275 gpm
(1041 lpm)
Materials of Construction Available Polypropylene,
Kynar (PVDF), 
Kynar (PVDF),
316 Stainless Steel
Kynar (PVDF),
316 Stainless Steel,
Ductile Iron
  Graco Husky 1040 Graco Husky 1590 Graco Husky 2150 Graco Husky 3275

Transfer Pumps

Graco Transfer Pump
Air Power Pump for High Reliability

Piston Pumps

Features and Benefits
  • Flow rates up to 5gpm
  • Stainless steel and carbon steel options
  • Drum length versions have inlet immersed in material for quicker priming of heavier fluid
  • Immersed inlets hold prime better than non-immersed
  • Available with optional stubby and drum length models
  • Air-powered for high reliablility and low cost

Husky Transfer Pumps

Features and Benefits
  • Excellent for abrasive, low to medium viscosity fluids and shear sensitive materials
  • Suction tube is immersed inside the drum – not the pump
  • Quick-priming and immediate flow of product
  • Handles fluid viscosities up to 5,000 cps and solids up to 0.09 in (2.29 mm)
  • Runs dry without damaging the pump
  • Provides air tight seal for moisture-sensitive fluids

Hydra-Clean Pumps

On-Demand High Pressure Cleaning Pumps
Graco Hydra-Clean heavy duty pressure washers support multiple guns and perfect for use in a plant cleaning application.

Features and Benefits
  • Versatility in variable pressure, flow and chemical injection provides best cleaning action
  • Some models available with chemical injectors
  • Configurations available to fit most in plant application requirments
  • On demand supply pump stops when valve is closed and runs when valve open
  • Does not require an automatic shut off when not in use

55 Gallon Drum Transfer and Supply

Pump from your 55 gallon drums with ease with one of two styles of pumps – double diaphragm orpiston evacuation. They offer flow rates up to 12 gpm, and are available in several materials of construction including: aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, polypropylene and acetal.

Spray Guns

GRACO Spray Guns are designed to deliver excellent spray quality in a wide variety of finishing application and painting application

Graco Spray Gun
  • AA Series G15
  • AA Series G40
  • AirPro
  • XT Series
  • Finex
  • AL Series
  • XTR-R


Electrostatic Air Spray Guns

GRACO Electrostatic Guns are available as following series.

Graco Electrostatic Air Spray Gun
  • PRO Xs2
  • PRO Xs3
  • PRO Xs4
  • PRO Xs4 AA
  • PRO Auto Xs AA



GRACO Accessories parts such as a Pump Repair kit, parts for Spray Guns, Filter, Regulator, Piping process etc.

Graco Accessory

When it comes to chemical, sanitary and ink applications, it’s tough to beat these Graco pumps! Our process equipment offers a variety of priming piston and air-operated double diaphragm pumps for low to high viscosity fluids and are built for years of reliable service.

GRACO Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps and Packages

Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps and Packages

Husky standard, abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant double-diaphragm pumps.

GRACO Air-Operated Piston Transfer Pumps and Packages

Air-Operated Piston Transfer Pumps and Packages

Graco Bulldog, Monarks and Senator piston transfer pumps.

GRACO Ink and Printing Pumps

Ink and Printing Pumps

Air-operated double-diaphragm and piston pumps for pail, drum or bulk tank applications.

GRACO Cleaning Packages

Cleaning Packages

High-pressure cleaning packages for industrial and sanitary applications.

GRACO Accessories


Miscellaneous accessories for Graco double-diaphragm and piston pumps.

Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps and Packages

Industrial Diaphragm Pumps

  • Husky 1040
  • Husky 1050
  • Husky 1590
  • Husky 205
  • Husky 2150
  • Husky 307
  • Husky 3275
  • Husky 515
  • Husky 716


Sanitary – Drum & Bin Unloaders

  • SaniForce 2150 Drum Unloader
  • SaniForce 3150 BES
  • SaniForce 3150 HS Drum Unloader

Sanitary – FDA-Compliant Pumps

  • SaniForce 1590
  • SaniForce 2150

Sanitary – High Sanitation Pumps

  • SaniForce 1590 3A
  • SaniForce 1590 HS
  • SaniForce 3150 3A
  • SaniForce 3150 HS
  • SaniForce Meat Pump

Air-Operated Piston Transfer Pumps and Packages

Drum & Bin Unloaders

  • SaniForce 5:1 Drum Unloader
  • SaniForce 6:1 Drum Unloader

Sanitary Piston Pumps

  • SaniForce 12:1 Piston Pump
  • SaniForce 5:1 Piston Pump
  • SaniForce 6:1 Piston Pump

Ink and Printing Pumps


  • EPDM Overmolded Diaphragm
  • PTFE Overmolded Diaphragm